The RAAF Welfare Recreation Company Charter is articulate through its Aim, Mission and Corporate Goals:


To provide access to discounted recreational accommodation and to manage and promote RWRC owned recreational facilities for RAAF members, their families and other eligible persons, and to provide financial support to, and assist in the provision of, recreational amenities and services to RAAF members.


To manage the activities of the RCWTF as a sustainable entity through a strategy of diversification and with broad long term vision in order to optimise the benefits to eligible persons in the provision of discounted recreational accommodation and welfare recreational amenities.

Corporate Goals

Objective 1 – Recreational Facilities

To provide access to discounted high quality recreational accommodation and facilities for members of the RAAF, their families, and other eligible persons through the provision of the RCWTF owned or leased holiday apartments, joint commercial ventures with other corporate bodies or promoting the use of other Service owned facilities. The recreational facilities may be owned solely by the Trust, owned by virtue of a joint venture, or by economically viable short or long term leasing arrangements.

Objective 2 – Recreational Amenities and Welfare Activities.

To provide financial assistance via loans and grants in the provision of recreational amenities and Service recognised welfare activities.

Objective 3 – Mutual Cooperation and Marketing.

To foster relations with the providers of Navy, Army and other Allied nations in order that RAAF personnel and other eligible persons can access their similar amenity benefits.  To promote, in accordance with the RWRC marketing plan, RCWTF holiday facilities, other affiliated recreational accommodation, and other welfare amenity benefits available to eligible persons.